Semi-precious GemstoneS


All semi-precious gemstones, cabochons, and pearls used in our jewelry are personally selected by Claire Haye for their clarity, color and form. When you're trying to choose a gemstone or stone, you should consider skin tone, eye color, or clothing, or you might just consider the beauty of the stone itself. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Claireworks are available to help you by phone: (888) 219-6060 or (575) 776-5175 and email

Amber is not a stone, it's fossilized tree resin. There may be inclusions of tiny insects or vegetable matter. The clear yellow-orange of amber can be a wonderful accent color in Claire's rings, slides, necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Amethyst comes in a light, sweet purple and in a deep, rich purple. Combined with the green in aventurine or used alone this is a beautiful stone.

Aventurine is a semi-opaque light to medium green that has a soft heather color. This green looks lovely with natural fabrics.

Carnelian is a clear true red color. Brunettes look especially good in carnelian, onyx, lapis. Carnelian could be a daring choice for a red head.

Fluorite is a clear beautiful stone in light shades of purple, pink, blue and green. This stone similar to hazel eyes reflects your clothing and mood.

Coral is taken from the at-risk coral reefs of our oceans. We use this substance sparingly. The dense orange or red tones are a brilliant accent color inlaid in Claire's rings, slides, necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Garnet is a deep wine colored stone that can appear almost black. It has an old-fashioned elegant quality.

Jade is worn typically in Asian motifs, but we love to use jade in our contemporary designs. The color can be a very deep forest green, but  jade also occurs in nature in a pale green and a yellow-green shade.

Dalmatian Jasper is very attractive stone. The back ground creamy beige color is set off by dots of black and dark brown. Claire combines this jasper with onyx for a very dynamic effect in the Bella Vida necklace, 

Leopard Skin Jasper (soft brown and beige) can be used instead of onyx as an excellent neutral and "it goes with anything" choice.  

Lapis Luzuli is the most expensive semi-precious material that Claire uses in her designs. The rich navy color really brings out the silver elements.

Pearls (white) look lovely on everyone. Claire's necklaces made with cultured or freshwater pearls will in no way resemble your Aunt's heirloom pieces. Claire uses pearls in fun and contemporary ways.

Peridot (translucent green) Women with light eyes are complimented by the pale greens of peridot or aventurine. Lucky you if this is your birthstone.

Onyx (black) is a very neutral or "professional" black stone. Onyx and silver are a dynamic combination that really shows off Claire's designs.

Swiss Blue Topaz (translucent blue) Claire uses Swiss blue topaz (the color of blue eyes) as an inlay in her rings, earrings, necklaces and slides... very pretty.

Turquoise (blue and green tones) is no longer just a stone used in Southwestern jewelry, but is a great contemporary choice. Wow, turquoise looks brilliant used in all of Claire's designs and on virtually every person.


January:  garnet
February:  amethyst
March:  aquamarine
April:  diamond (not available)
May:  emerald (not available)
June:  pearl
July:  ruby (not available)
August:  peridot
October:  opal
November:  topaz
December:  turquoise


Stones By Energy or Message

Amber:  warmth
Amethyst:  protection
Aventurine:  vitality
Carnelian:  confidence
Fluoride:  mental clarity
Garnet:  healing
Lapis:  awareness
Onyx:  discipline
Pearl:  nurturing
Peridot:  positivity
Turquoise:  wholeness