I am grateful for your support and enthusiasm. So many of you come back and often bring your friends. Nancy, Erin, Lesley and I love familiar faces. And yes, of course, we appreciate our new collectors. I want you to know that I am very concerned that you are “happy” with your jewelry. We are willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure that you have selected just the right piece and any repairs and adjustments are complimentary and done with a light heart. Hoping that my joy in creating jewelry and art brings joy to you.
— Claire

Claire Haye's life and work are marked by her independence, listening to her own muse and a willful determination to express her own vision. Her early exposure to dance, theater and art influence all of her work: mother, Beatrice Von Stronstorff, was a modern dancer; cousin, Robert Fizdale, was a famous pianist; aunt, Viola Spolin, and her son, Paul Sills, were pioneers of improvisation and the force behind the founding of Second City in Chicago.

Claire moved to Taos four decades ago from Chicago with her husband (suffering from heart problems) and two young daughters. Settling into Taos, her quiet life simply embraced her family and her art. The pure air, land, mountains and the mysterious rhythm underlying it all intensified Claire's need for self-expression while giving her the environment that allowed her to blossom as an artist.

Today, Claire Haye is a well-known visual artist. Since 1997, she has owned her own gallery, Claireworks, in the charming mountain village of Arroyo Seco, New Mexico. Claire has had considerable success with her original jewelry and artwork. Her devoted collectors live in all places, far and wide. The jewelry designs and fine art are displayed with flair and affection at Claireworks Gallery in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

Claire loves the independence that her gallery has provided her. She lives in a beautiful rambling adobe house surrounded by piñon and juniper trees. Her nearest neighbors are rabbits, ravens and an occasional skunk. She is often in her studio listening to music happily creating her unique art and jewelry. Claire's need to express herself has found outlets in her fine art, original jewelry, lyric poetry, and writing A Modern Woman's  Guide To AgIng: Together We Consider Our Options.